Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

As you know, today is the last day of 2008.  With guests staying with us here at The Craftsman B&B, we won't get to crazy.  We will go over to Twist Wine for their champagne tasting.  In addition to the regular wines they pour visitors, Chenin has selected a few bottles of bubbles for tastings.  She has worked in champagne houses before so she knows a thing or two about the sparkling wine.  

Chenin is also an expert in opening a bottle so the pressure just barely releases, known as a nun's fart.  If you pop the cork, you loose the bubbles, who wants that?

On the total opposite of the "fart," Sean is an expert of sabering a bottle.  He uses a special knife, runs it up to the neck of the bottle and breaks the bottle open.  The cork goes flying with the ring of the bottle attached.  Quite a show.

So come on down to our sleepy beach town of Pacific City and ring in the new year.  You can learn about sparkling wine too.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa was here!

Santa came again this year to The Craftsman B&B, I must be a good boy.  I, like most dogs, love to have a project.  My mission in life is to destroy things I am allowed to destroy.  Of course, I like to try to destroy just about anything, but I am well trained and only destroy my toys.  This happens to all my toys.

So this year, Santa found an "indestructable" toy made from a fire hose.  Those thinks are pretty tough, yeah right.  In less than 10 minutes this is the condition.  I don't eat the stuffing, no unnecery visits to the vet for me.  Mike rescued the squeeker and I was back at it.

I don't chew rawhide bones much anymore, my teeth, like me are getting on in years, so the softer toys are more to my liking.

I must admit, I do have a Kong toy that gets filled with a cookie and that is still in good working order.  Why would I destroy that, I get cookies.

I also got this bandana, it's a hard candy print!  I'm being a good boy on my spot.

Monday, December 22, 2008

What else to do

People visit The Craftsman B&B for a lot of reasons.  But the most important reason I can think of to to unplug and relax.

Here we see Mike's dad, Jack doing just that.

Slippers, check.

Comfy chair, check.

Afternoon sunshine, check.

Nap time, check.

A man after my own heart, naps are good!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Decorations

It's Christmas time.  Here at The Craftsman B&B on the Oregon Coast in Pacific City, we do the normal Christmas decorations.  I decorated the tree the best I could without having thumbs.  Mikes parents helped too and Laura directed us all.  This is her favorite holiday and she likes to get the tree up.  The picture also shows a corner of the fantastic mural painted in the living room, that's Haystack Rock, one mile off shore of Cape Kiawanda.  The reindeer were made by Laura's uncle, I jingle the bells when ever I sniff them.

They have this down,  Mike moves furniture around the house, gets the tree in the house, and in the stand within 5 minutes.  Then he is off to the cellar and boxes and boxes come up.  Everything comes out of them and has a place to go.  The usual cursing of the lights celebration is next, it didn't last too long.  The ornaments are all hung pretty quickly with all of us helping, I cant reach to far up, so Mike and Jack hang the ones up top.  The best part is Jack and Mary come with presents, so we already have things under the tree.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksgiving recap

Again, it has been a long time from my last post.

Thanksgiving dinner here at The Craftsman B&B was a great success.  We had 19 people for dinner.  Mikes parents were here, as I mention in my last blog and my human parents were here too.  The original Mike and Laura.  They don't have any new weimaraner pups but they did bring their human puppy, Matthew.  He was a lot of fun, until he grabbed me a little to hard and I quickly turned around and let him know that was to much.  A few tears and all was fine again.  Too much excitement in my old age.  Matthew also discovered my secret passage, that's him in the picture, coming into the dining room.

Laura's family all made the trek and her brother-in-law deep fried a few turkeys and Laura put one in the oven too.  Laura had complete control of the cooking and her sister helped before serving with mashing the spuds.

Dinner started with champagne and the traditional mushroom soup.  The usual Thanksgiving fare and dessert too.

After dinner, all gathered around to play on the wii.  I don't like that too much.  You see, I like to be with Mike at all times, and when he is jumping around in front of the TV, I try to watch, but I get in the way.  That's OK, they know I'm there and someone will pay attention to me.  Mike lost his boxing match even though he knocked down Sean twice.  Mike's bowling was a little off as well, but as a gracious host, he "let" the others win.