Thursday, August 27, 2009

Games, pre Nintento style

Here at The Craftsman B&B in the tiny town of Pacific City, we enjoy the slower paced life. Now that doesn't mean we aren't connected to the latest trends, we just choose what we want to follow, not what our neighbors are doing. So when it comes to games, we enjoy the board game to a video game, hands down.

We encourage our guest to relax and unplug from their everyday modern lives. One way to do that is offer up classic board and card games. I grew up playing cut-throat Scrabble. 3 letter words were laughed at. We even figured out that my grandma cheated at Scrabble, she has played so long with the same set, that when she came to play at our house, her words were lame. She had memorized the wood grain of each tile, to know what letters she would choose. I my life, I have always been competitive, I'm the youngest of five kids, so I needed every advantage I could come up with.

Later in my auto racing days, I could always appreciate the "clever interpretation" of a rule book. Not that I ever took advantage, ahem.

So the house rule here for Scrabble, is you have to use our dictionary, which was published the year I graduated from high school. No new-fangled, trendy words here.

Come to Pacific City, enjoy the Oregon Coast and settle in with a glass of wine and some old time fun.

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