Saturday, August 30, 2008

Berkeley, A Special Baby-moon Package

Our next package is still about bubbles, but this one is non-alcoholic, we call it:  Berkeley, A Special Baby-moon Package.  This includes a bottle of our Bin #06, Martinelli Sparkling Cider, 2 Keepsake Craftsman B&B flutes and a box of Harry & David Truffles.  Because having a baby is expensive, we priced this package low at just $20.00.

Baby-moons are a growing trend in travel and a perfect pairing for The Craftsman B&B.  Like most B&B's we are all about pampering and who needs pampering most than an expecting mother.  All the baby-moon's we have had at the B&B, the couple has chosen our Mackintosh Room.  It has a large, deep soaking tub, a perfect way for a mom-to-be to relax.  The bubbles add a bit of fun before the big event.  As most B&B's don't allow children under 18, this is a good way to experience just how fantastic a B&B is before 18 years of Motel 6 and other kid-friendly hotels.

Walk along the Oregon Coast, here in Pacific City, while there is just two sets of footprints and dip your toes in the ocean to relive those swollen feet.  We can also arrange a massage by one of our local LMT's.  So if your an expecting parent and would like to get away together before the sleepless nights a newborn will bring, we welcome you to visit us.  We have had one last minute cancellation, due to a delivery, so don't cut it too close.  That tidbit was for those future dad's out there.  The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that you book your trip during the second trimester of pregnancy, because that is the time when travel is said to be safest.

We also know not every drinks alcohol, so this package is perfect for those looking for a non-alcoholic option.

So Berkley, why is this radical college town a name of a package?  Two people come to mind when thinking of the buildings that are in town and houses over the hills of this East Bay town; Bernard Maybeck and Julia Morgan.

Maybeck works incorporated features considered radical at the time, remember, Berkley.  His use of natural materials including shingles, rough redwood interiors, and huge hand-wrought fireplaces were not common in the day but have become classic elements of the Arts and Crafts movement.  He had many public commissions, but his masterpiece was the First Church of Christ, Scientist.  It has Gothic influences, brilliant color, and all interior furnishings designed by the architect, like other masters of the period.  Can you remember from previous blogs?  Another architect with a building that is a National Historic Monument.  Maybeck is buried in the  Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland.  Mike lived in a house on Moraga Drive in Piedmont, California that backed up to the cemetery, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, ever heard of Central Park?  Mike make a daily walk in the cemetery before work.  Ask him why he has a mustache.

Julia Morgan also has a lot of history in Berkley.  Unfortunately, not all her buildings remain or are taken care of as well as Maybeck's.  The one building that gets the attention it deserves is her National Historic Monument Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California.  You know that crazy house built by William Randolph Hearst, always a work in progress and never completed.  Mike has visited this house many times.  For an incomplete work, it's pretty fantastic.  Back on track, Julia met Maybeck while attending Cal Berkley, he encouraged her to attend École des Beaux-Arts, she was the first woman to graduate.  The rebuilding after the quake of 1906 in San Francisco was how she made her career.  Having Hearst as a patron also helped, as she designed many buildings for the family, their business and the University of California, Berkley.  Click here and scroll to the private residence section to see her houses.  She too is buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

Most humans only have one baby at a time and I understand it's not an easy process, so I won't brag that I come from a litter of 8.  Good thing for my parent's, I was out of the house at 10 weeks.  I still see them though.  I don't get along to well with my dad, last time I stayed overnight, we both ended up at the Vet's office.  My mom just thinks I'm strange.  Just like your newborn, it will be strange then become adorable.  Visit me and see for yourself, am I strange or just adorable?

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