Friday, August 22, 2008

Oak Park

Here at The Craftsman B&B we offer wine packages to our guests. They are very popular as our guests choose to say in a B&B to celebrate a special occasion like birthday's and anniversaries. So in addition to their room and a great breakfast, they get a bottle of wine and other goodies to make their stay memorable.

The packages vary greatly in what is available and we have named them after famous and not so famous towns that are known for their Craftsman Style homes.

Our top of the line, ultimate package is called Oak Park. It includes a bottle from the cellar of our Bin #01, Dom Pérignon Champagne, 2 Keepsake Craftsman B&B champagne flutes, 2 Keepsake Spa Robes, a box of Oregon made Harry & David Truffles and one dozen roses. Whew, that's a lot and for only $300.00.

Dom Pérignon was a monk that "bottled the stars" and is said to be the Father of sparkling wine. He, in fact developed Méthode champenoise, the process used to make the bubbles and the wine is named in honor of him. Quality of sparkling wine is judged by the size of the bubble. Tiny Bubbles anyone? Sparkling wine is made all over the world. In France, the home of the process is Champagne and only wines form this region can be called Champagne. Outside the region but still in France is called Crémant, South Africia calls it Cap Classique, Spain's is called Cava, in Italy wine made in the Piedmont region is called Asti and in other areas, Spumante. Sekt is the German version. USA is just sparkling wine, but no matter where it comes from, look for Méthode Champenoise on the label to know it is made the "correct" way. Some cheaper brands tank ferment and it should be done in the bottle.

OK, now that I have impressed you with my trivial wine knowledge lets talk about Oak Park. This village in Cook County, Illinois is the starting point of the career of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Here the Prairie style of design was developed to mimic the surroundings. Open plan, flat, linear lines using natural materials. Our Prairie room reflects the Prairie School style of design which offered an alternative to Classical Revival Style common in the day.

Oak Park also is home to some of the best sit-com actors, Bob Newhart and Betty White. For you literary types, Oak Park is the birthplace of some guy named Ernest Hemingway. I don't know much about him, except he likes to fish. Oh, wait in meant to say "Doh!" The voice of Homer Simpson, Dan Castellenata hails from Oak Park.

I hope you learned something new by following all the hyperlinks in today's blog. Maybe it has inspired to you take a break from the traditional B&B style and come pay me a visit. I am after all, the alternative dog, not a lab or Whatever-doodle, just a happy, spoiled Weimaraner.

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